Auto Title Loan Shouldn’t Keep You From Throwing Bridal Shower

Auto Title Loan Shouldn’t Keep You From Throwing Bridal Shower

A maid of honor usually takes on the responsibility of throwing a bridal shower. However, this can be a daunting task if you are also struggling to pay off an auto title loan. The good news is that there are many ways to throw a great bridal shower without spending a ton of money.

No matter what kind of shower you decide to throw, you will want to plan ahead and make a budget. This will help you keep costs to a minimum.

Choosing a venue is important for staying within your budget. Don’t feel obligated to hold the shower at a fancy hotel or restaurant. If the bride and most of the guests live near you, you can host it in your own home for free.

However, this may not be the case. If the bride’s mother or sister live near the bride and most of the guests, see if one of them would be willing to hold the shower at one of their houses. Offer to still host the shower and to help clean the home before and after the shower.

If finding a home for the party is not a viable option, you could have the shower at a local park. Also, many apartment complexes and local governments have community centers or rec rooms that can be reserved or rented cheaply. You might want to check the local chapter of the Rotary club and the VFW as well.

Once you have settled on a venue, it will be easier to plan the other details of the party. Just keep in mind that the whole purpose of the party is friends and family to “shower” the bride with gifts for her new life in marriage and to celebrate the upcoming ceremony.

Save on food to help pay off auto title loan

Food is a big consideration and can be a large expense. One way to offset this is to host a potluck shower. One way to do this is to encourage guests to bring their favorite dishes and then present the recipe for them on a card to the bride so that she can build up her stock of recipes. If you don’t want to ask all the guests to bring food, just ask the other bridesmaids and close relatives of the bride to bring food.

If you don’t like the idea of a potluck, you can reduce the cost of food in other ways by avoiding traditional meal times. Instead of having a lunch or dinner, the shower could be a brunch, afternoon tea or evening cocktail party.

Decorations can be kept to a minimum. Some crepe paper and balloons can go a long ways. Lacy tablecloths and numerous lit candles can provide a more elegant feel to the party.

Entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive, either. In fact, many things can be done for free. Many wedding websites offer ideas for bridal shower party games that don’t cost anything. You also could make a slideshow of photos from the bride’s entire life and put it to music and have it displaying on video screens around the venue.

For invitations, you can save by doing it all online by sending them by email or through Facebook. If some guests can’t receive an invitation this way, make sure they get an invitation mailed to them, even if you have to handwrite them for a personal touch.

If you are truly in a difficult financial bind, don’t be afraid to discuss this with the other bridesmaids and the bride’s mother or sisters. They should have no problem helping you with this financial burden, especially if you’re completely open and honest about the situation. You don’t want to be forced to miss a payment on your auto title loan.

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